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Season 3 Progress

Season 3 Progress


We have a lot to talk about! A lot of things have been going on behind the scenes. We are also hosting a Q&A this Saturday, 31st of July at 5pm BST // 12pm EST, come join, ask us questions about IC and the development of Season 3! We are going to be trying out a software called Branch for this Q&A, looks like it could be fun doing community things like this on there! I will post the link to join in Discord closer to the time.

First off you may have noticed our new website. We have planned for a while now, which needed much persuasion from Stephen to get me along with it, to move away from our forums. Although I love the forums and it has many good uses, we want to modernise, the forums are a bit outdated for us now and we feel that Discord is the best place for communication for us to you the players and player -> player communication.
We still have the forums up for now as we slowly migrate over to Discord for most uses. Also having our main posts on a site like this is super pretty!

Secondly, you also may have noticed some new names with the Developer role on Discord. We have been hiring! These new devs have been doing wonders, picking up the slack and overall are doing an amazing job in fixing and creating things for the server. I will share an update on the server status with a changelog in due course.

Thirdly, we have taken huge action into getting the whole team more involved with IC. As I have taken over Ownership of IC, I don't have the time to do all the front-end work for the server anymore. So we decided to involve the current moderators in actual work and design for the server. We have weekly meetings where we gather together and discuss what has been done and what needs to be done within each of these roles - Content & Technical Design, Community Communications, Game Balancing, Quality Assurance, Events and Customer Support. Previously I would do all this myself, albeit some not very well!
We have been doing this for nearly 2 months and we are making good progress (I went on holiday for a week and organisation went out the window...smh).
Within this we also want to involve community members, we currently have 1 non-staff member involved and will be looking to add more. We don't have spaces open at the moment but will be looking to expand soon.

Finally Season 3. With the above things said, Season 3 is coming along swimmingly. We still have some important aspects to address and look into, such as improving PvP. However, we have also been addressing some major issues of the current gameplay and are improving those by adding new features and content within the game. One of those you will have seen in our #polls channel, a queue system to allow players to easily get into islands. We now plan to communicate with you guys more, post teasers on new and returning features and give you changelog updates!

See you at the Q&A!


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